Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Portrait Painting

Portraits are my huge passion! I find a broad range of people inspiring and love the challenge of expressing the unseen.  Here are some of my more recent portraits... (you can view them at and some on Saatchi Art
Koko 80cm (w) x 60cm (h) paint on canvas 
 Murunga  29cm (w) x 20.5cm (h) paint and ink on paper  
 Peter  46cm (w) x 61cm (h) paint on canvas
Retrospective Sisterhood  (Diptych) 120cm (w) x 80cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment 
Self Portrait Gold  36cm (w) x 46cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment
 Self Portrait Red  51cm (w) x 61cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment
  Spiritual Boadicea I  61cm (w) x 91cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment  

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