Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fine Art Heroes

I am inspired by many artists but these very influential artists are my all time favourites and have played a big role in shaping my work:

FRIDA KAHLO - 1907-1954 (Mexico)

GUSTAV KLIMT - 1862-1918 (Austria)

AMEDIO MODIGLIANI - 1884-1920 (Italy / France)

Friday, 10 March 2017

Small Faces Exhibtion

It has been great being a part of the HUGE Small Faces Exhibition which is made up of LOADS of postcard portraits displayed in the Solent Showcase Gallery in Southampton. There were nearly 600 people at the private view and they expect many, many more to visit the exhibition which is up until 21st April.  It is great seeing so many different mini portraits side by side, especially if you love portraiture like me!

You can take the impressive 360 virtual tour if you wish (you should be able to spot my 'Red Queen' straight away): 

To see more detailed versions of my postcard portraits and information about them, please click on the Saatchi Art links below:

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Painting Identitical Twins

I have nearly finished a portrait of an identical twin, I am painting her twin sister soon.  Painting identical twins is fascinating as the differences in facial features are so minute. As a portrait painter you have to be spot on with accuracy but the precision is so important when painting identical twins, I have to confess that at one point in the early stages the portrait looked more like the other twin! All the facial features are honed and correct now (the portrait definitely looks like the correct person), I just need to finish off the clothing.  Here are some progress pictures, I'll post more photos once completed.    

Monday, 30 January 2017

Postcard Portraits Exhibition

I created some 'small' portraits for an exhibition in spring.  I have been really enjoying experimenting with watercolour and combining pencil, ink and paint so I decided to use these to create my postcard portraits. I am experimenting with the concept of absence in some of my work (especially pencil work).  As hair is often an identifying feature I have been exploring leaving it blank; I like the aesthetic, that it is a bit unusual and also draws more attention to the face.

 Red Queen

 Self Portrait Silver and Purple

Spiritual Boadicea Green

Thursday, 12 January 2017

January Work

Happy new year! Over Christmas I have been experimenting with watercolour which has been fun.  I am currently working on some pencil and paint portraits for an exhibition in the spring.