Monday, 19 October 2015

Contemporary Art Response to Dramatic Charity Event

I ‘documented’ a hairdresser losing her hair through three large paintings on canvas (The Gift I, II, and III).  

Reading based Hairdresser Mel, had her long, multi-coloured hair shaved off publicly in her Salon to raise awareness of human sex trafficking and to raise money for a charity supporting victims.  The three vibrant paintings depict different stages of the event and the changing atmosphere.  

Fellow hairdressers wept as Mel had the last of her hair removed; her sacrificial ‘gift’ was a touching act to witness.  25% of profits from sales of prints and the paintings are donated to The Mustard Tree Foundation’s Rahab Project.

The Gift I  91cm (w) x 61cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment  
 The Gift II  61cm (w) x 91cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment    
The Gift III  61cm (w) x 91cm (h) paint on canvas with embellishment

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